Nov 04

CBR Horses Testimonials

Cassie and I have been together for about a year now. When I first met her I knew there was something special about her, however I just didn’t know exactly what it was. Cassie is a Paso Fino and as some Pasos are, she was high strung and a nervous type. She originally came from Georgia from a lady that didn’t do much work with her. She had training, but how much or what extent was unknown. Her first boarding experience was not good. She was scaring the other people who were boarding so, I was referred to a trainer back in Georgia. We did go to Georgia and she made progress, but it was a 50 mile drive one way and I only had one day off a week so it was slow going. So we headed back to South Carolina in hopes of finding a place near by. That is where Cassie and I have started a journal that I could only have dreamed about.

We have been at CBR for 8 months now and to see Cassie now you wouldn’t know she’s the same horse. ¬†Carl and Brenda have been a ‘godsend’ for us. They were not intimidated by Cassie and her temperament. Carl had taken an interest in Cassie and suggested lessons. He would watch as Cassie and I would interact and he would give pointers to me, and eventually he started training me (not Cassie). You see, it’s easy to make an animal conform to your ways, unfortunately it is not the proper way. Forcing an animal to accept what YOU want them to do, instead of taking the time to help them chose to do what you want them to do, is not an effective way. So training me to help Cassie to become a more confident and calmer horse has been one of Carl’s challenges lately. I can’t begin to tell you of all the knowledge I have gained working with Carl. He has so many little sayings that mean big things! I will be forever grateful. We have come so far and made so much progress. Everyone at CBR has seen the change in Cassie. It is a wonderful feeling!

I would like to encourage anyone that feels that they are not making progress with their horse to please keep trying. Not every training is right for every horse, and I certainly see this with Cassie. Call Carl and Brenda and see if they can help you. From the first time my husband and I met them, we knew they were caring people. Horses are their life!

Karen – Cassie’s Owner