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Group and Private lessons are available for all age groups. Lessons can be given at your residence for a predetermined cost. ┬áSpecial promotions are also available during different times of the year to CBR students – please talk to Brenda about current promotions.



$30 – Group Lessons (each)

$35 – Semi-Private Lessons (each)

$45 – Private Lessons (each)

Please Note:

  • Lessons are to be paid for at the beginning of the month
  • 24 hour notification for lesson cancellation and make-ups are scheduled within 2 weeks
  • Students who would like to show are required to have 1 private lesson, 1 group lesson and 1 barn workday weekly

Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of the rider and can include:

Basic Understanding of Horses
How to catch, tie, groom
Training your own horse

English Riding ( jump, equitation, huntseat)
Beginner Dressage
Western Riding (barrel racing, pole bending, equitation)
Trail Riding

Ask about full and half leases on CBR owned horses, allowing students to ride outside of lessons (supervised by parents or CBR staff) to practice what they have learned.